Shell Eco-marathon: three new records

May 31, 2011 § Leave a comment

The 2011 European Shell Eco-marathon saw 187 teams compete in a three-day event to set new records for fuel efficiency with their prototype vehicles. Prizes were awarded in a number of different categories. Polytech Nantes (France, pictured) won the Prototype Hydrogen Fuel Cell category for the second year in a row, driving 590.2km on a kWh of energy, and the judges were highly impressed by the solar-powered car of the mecc-Sun team from Politecnico di Milano (Italy), which travelled 1,108km/kWh. Eco-marathon technical director Norman Koch said of the Milanese team: “Their car is an outstanding design in terms of optimising efficiency, both in the engine and the body of the vehicle. To conceive and create a car capable of driving the length of Italy on such a small amount of energy really is outstanding.”

The Plug-in Battery Prototype title was taken by the TERA TUGRaz team from the Technical University of Graz (Austria), for a 842.5km/kWh result, and the Urban Concept prize by the team from Fachhochschule Trier (Germany), who achieved 232.9km/kWh. Internal Combustion winners were Team Microjoule from La Joliverie (France)  – an incredible 3688.2kWh – and DTU Roadrunners from Technical University Denmark (509.5km/kWh in an ethanol-fuelled Urban Concept. The cars emitting the least carbon dioxide were the Team proTRon (Germany) Urban Concept which emitted just 1.972g/km, and in the Prototype category, the TERA TUGraz team’s result of 0.545g/km.

A prize also went to the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) for their communications and marketing strategy, and given that theirs has been the only easily-found press release from any of the teams so far, this award was well-deserved. NTNU’s hydrogen fuel cell car, the DNV Fuel Fighter Urban Concept, travelled the equivalent of 1000km on a litre of petrol, or 99km/kWh, enough to secure it a second place in its category.

This year’s event was held for the third year at the EuroSpeedway, Lausitz (Germany) but next year, the Eco-marathon will move to Rotterdam (The Netherlands). For full results, a gallery of pictures and more about this year’s Eco-marathon, check out the official site.



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