Epic EV treks: round the world in a Qashqai

May 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

Danish adventurers Hjalte Tin and Nina Tin Rasmussen have completed a 30,000-km (18,640-mile) round-the-world trek in a battery-powered Nissan Qashqai, believed to be the first full-sized production EV to go around the globe. The pair set off from Copenhagen last June and went through Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Russia, Mongolia, China, across the USA, back across the Atlantic and through Spain, France, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Poland and Germany, coping with the long highways of Siberia, the Gobi desert and ‘wild traffic’ in China; along the way, they took part in the Monte Carlo rally for electric vehicles and EXPO 2010 in Shanghai.

The Qashqai Electric was developed and built by AfutureEV of Denmark,  and features a 60kW motor and lithium-ion batteries. Nina and Hjalte found themselves plugging in at campsites, hotels, workshops and private homes to recharge their batteries, but completed their journey without a support vehicle. They now plan to take the car on a lecture tour and to write a book; read more at Moto Mundo in the meantime.

Meanwhile, The Charging Point has the story of a 16,155-mile run from Alaska to Argentina down the Pan-American Highway – completed by an all-electric Radical two-seater, converted by a team of engineering students from Imperial College, London.


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