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October 18, 2010 § Leave a comment

AVID Vehicles of Cramlington, Northumberland has developed an electric utility vehicle. The E-Warrior has a 250kg payload and a 40-mile range, and is said to be suitable for agricultural work, estate management and off-road duties such as landscaping, park ranger-ing or even military/security applications. It has dual DC motors on each axle, and whilst it can only do 25mph, it has a towing capacity of 500kg. Prices start from £9,750. AVID is also marketing a small electric car/van it calls Cue-V.

  • Hyundai is to lease 2000 fuel cell vehicles between 2012-2014. These trial demonstrators will be based on a mid- to large-sized SUV, and will be available in different countries; around 400 will go to the USA. Hyundai has also confirmed that it is working on a plug-in version of its new Sonata hybrid.
  • A Polish firm has unveiled an EV which could go on sale for just 6000-7000 euros. Romet’s 4E (Electric, Economic, Ecological, Easy) is only a tiny two-seater capable of less than 30mph, but it does have a 100-mile range (Green Car Congress).
  • AVL is showing a concept vehicle at the Expo Shanghai 2010. It’s an open-bodied commuter/tourist bus, rather than a ‘proper’ car, but it previews an electric powertrain with fuel cell range-extender, which could have further applications (Green Car Congress).
  • DIY EV of the day: the BMW bi-motor. A converted 1986 BMW 323i, its pair of motors put out the equivalent of 500bhp, making it a Tesla-beating drag racer. Video at Autoblog Green, from a does-what-it-says-on-the-tin forum called DIY Electric Car.

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