Micro-hybrid system up for sale

September 9, 2010 § Leave a comment

British firm Controlled Power Technologies is touting its micro-hybrid drive system to car manufacturers. The B-ISG (belt-integrated starter-generator) SpeedStart is claimed to offer fuel economy and carbon dioxide emissions improvements of up to 25% in a compact, low weight and low-cost ‘mild hybrid’ powertrain, and to be an advanced next-generation stop-start/energy recovery solution.

CPT is also marketing its VTES electric supercharger, which allows for engine downsizing, and has worked with powertrain consultancy AVL to build a demo vehicle. Based on a Passat saloon, this 2.0-litre, petrol-fuelled family car returns 43mpg and emits 154g/km, aided by long gear ratios and engine down-speeding, enabled by VTES, which kicks in even at the lowest engine speeds to provide transient torque for quick bursts of acceleration.

CPT and AVL will now integrate SpeedStart, claimed to be the world’s most powerful stop-start operating at 12 volts, with VTES and a 1.4-litre engine, targeting emissions under 130g/km. An Audi A4 equipped with the technology is doing the rounds of the European car-makers.


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