September 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

  • Unconfirmed news on a more fuel-efficient Ferrari: the company’s Paris Motor Show star is thought to be a California prototype with technology including stop-start, brake energy regeneration, cylinder deactivation, low-friction components and a new direct-injection system (Omni Auto).
  • The Post Office is trialling hydrogen-fuelled delivery vans in the Outer Hebrides, reports The Guardian. A test fleet of fuel cell-powered Ford Transits is in operation on the Isle of Lewis, using a refuelling point in Stornoway. The Guardian (which appears to be a little confused over how a fuel cell works) also reports that there is much potential in the Hebrides to use electricity generated from wind and wave power.
  • Economy improvements from Mercedes: new engines now on offer in the S- and CL-Class return up to 24% more miles to the gallon thanks to the latest-gen direct injection tech, stop-start and the new seven-speed automatic transmission. The S350 BlueEfficiency returns 31mpg and now emits 177g/km (previously pumping out 234g/km); the S500 BlueEfficiency now gives 25mpg and 219g/km. Still hefty, but better, and respectable returns from such big, powerful cars.
  • Another it’s-all-relative story: the 2011 Bentley Continental GT will be available with a 4.0 V8 as well as an updated version of the 6.0 twin-turbo W12. Fuel consumption’s 40% better for the smaller engine, though 20mpg’s still unlikely.

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