Paris Motor Show: Renault DeZir

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The first concept styled for Renault under new design boss Laurens van den Acker, the DeZir’s intended to preview future work from Renault’s studios. Buzzwords for its genesis were “simple”, “sensuous” and “warm”, and it’s certainly prettier than some of Patrick Le Quement’s creations. Anyway, the key points of interest for DTF are its KERS-style energy recovery system and its 150bhp/226Nm electric drivetrain, capable of a 100-mile range, 112mph, and 0-62 in five seconds.


Paris Motor Show: Renault Twizy

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Renault is now taking orders for the Twizy, an electric quadricycle with open bodywork. The Twizy, built in Spain, delivers 20bhp/57Nm, and can carry two, the passenger sitting bike-style behind the driver. It can be driven within a full driving licence in some countries and will do up to 47mph (limited to 28mph in some countries), and has a 60-mile range. Its roofed structure offers more crash protection than a scooter, along with its four-wheeled stability, and equipment includes a driver’s airbag and four-point harness, and a three-point seatbelt for the rear passenger. Billed as a commuter vehicle, it has up to 55 litres of luggage capacity as well. Renault is offering it with a monthly subscription to cover battery rental and associated services, as with the Fluence and Kangoo ZE.

Paris Motor Show: Renault Zoe Preview

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Giving more than a few clues on the shape of the next-generation Clio, the near-production Zoe Preview (due on sale 2012) is Renault’s electric supermini. The Preview – 90% of the finished production car, says Renault – has an 80bhp/222Nm motor, fast-charge and battery-swap compatiblity, a top speed of 84mph and a 0-60 time of 8.1 seconds. This concept features a high-tech climate control system with humidity and toxicity sensors and scent diffuser, but otherwise appears to be a practical, usable runaround.

In other news from Renault, the 1.9dCi diesel engine is to be replaced by a 1.6 (130bhp) featuring stop-start and exhaust gas recirculation; this promises fuel economy savings of up to 20% and a 30% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, and will appear first in the Megane line-up.

Paris Motor Show: Nissan Townpod

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The clue’s in the name: the Townpod’s an urban utility concept, combining the assets of a compact van with the usability of a passenger car, thanks to a roomy, adaptable interior. It’s about practicality rather than status, with vertically-split rear doors, a flat floor, a large opening roof hatch, a sliding rear seat which folds away into the back of the front seats, and rear-hinged rear doors with no obstructive B-pillar. Its interior is functional and simple, with an allegedly future-proof audio system, touch-screen controls and a handy storage device called the Puck, a small rubber ball with a groove – and it’s all driven by the Leaf’s all-electric powertrain.¬† This is a concept which should become reality.

Paris Motor Show: Audi e-tron Spyder

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The e-tron has become a plug-in diesel hybrid, and lost its lid; Audi’s latest iteration of its electrified supercar is now a Spyder convertible, featuring a new 300PS version of the 3.0 TDI V6 engine and a pair of 64kW electric motors. It has a 31-mile range in all-electric mode at up to 38mph, and a total range of 621 miles; despite a 155mph top speed and 0-62 acceleration in 4.4 seconds, it returns an average 128.4mpg and emits 59g/km. The so-called¬† e-quattro chassis, with rear-biased but variable four-wheel-drive, features torque-vectoring, the targeted acceleration of individual wheels for optimum traction, stability and performance. Whilst the e-tron itself might not see production, much of its tech is destined for the mainstream line-up.

Paris Motor Show: Jaguar C-X75

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Here’s a combination: four electric motors, each driving a wheel, plus a pair of gas microturbines.
Total poweroutput from the motors is 780bhp, with 1180lb ft of torque, and the Bladon Jets-developed turbines, which spin at 80,000rpm, act as range-extending generators yet emit only 28g/km of carbon dioxide. The C-X75 has a 68-mile range in all-electric mode, and a 560-mile range overall.

Celebrating Jaguar’s 75th anniversary, the all-aluminium C-X75 is a preview of Jaguar’s future design direction and also a technology testbed. Its styling has been inspired by Jaguars past, such as the C- and D-Type, but details like its TFT information displays and the aircraft-style driver interface are state-of-the-art. It’s purely experimental, however, and unlikely to see series production.

Paris Motor Show: Skoda Octavia Green E Line

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Skoda is planning a test fleet of electrified Octavias, to hit the road next year. The Octavia Green E Line, previewed in Paris, gives up to 85kW and 270Nm and a 140km range; it’ll do 135kph and 0-62mph in a respectable 12 seconds. Its battery pack is located under the middle and rear sections of the floor, and has very little impact on luggage space; it will be built in Combi estate form.

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