Morgan to make LIFEcar2 – and it’s a diesel hybrid

August 23, 2010 § Leave a comment

The Morgan Motor Company has announced production of its LIFECar concept. There have been a few changes from the original brief, though the LIght-weight, Fuel-Efficient (get it?) template remains; the fuel cell has been replaced by a ‘super-efficient’ diesel-electric hybrid powertrain. Developed in partnership with research teams from Birmingham City, Cranfield and Oxford Universities, the LIFECar2 is made from sustainable materials and will be fully recyclable ‘at the end of its very long life’.

The Malvern-based company has released a few facts and figures:  the LIFECar2 will weigh less than 800kg; it’ll have a 15-mile range in electric-only mode and a 1000-mile range all-in; it’ll do 0-60mph in seven seconds; and it’ll cost from around £40,000.

There’s a full gallery of pictures at Morgan’s website – which also holds an essay on why the company’s green. Not only does it use sustainable, recyclable materials, and clean BMW-supplied engines (in its other vehicles), it has a low-impact, low-waste ‘micro-production’ facility and its cars are, as mentioned above, famed for their longevity. Fair points.

The LIFECar2 will be built in Malvern alongside the recently-unveiled Eva GT coupe and another new sports car, said to be ‘extreme’ and a ‘fun weekend vehicle’.


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