Recharge on a Parking Pad

August 4, 2010 § Leave a comment

Here’s a piece of kit I’d not seen before: the Evatran Parking Pad, a wireless EV charger. Edmunds Green Car Advisor notes that it works much like a charger for an electric toothbrush or similar, via electromagnetic induction. Virginia-based Evatran is looking at marketing these both for domestic and public applications, and is also selling conventional plug-in charging posts.

  • Green Car Advisor’s also reporting on a controversial debate from this week’s  management briefing seminars at the Automotive Research Centre  in Traverse City, Michigan. A mass public recharging infrastructure for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles isn’t actually necessary, claimed participants, ‘cos owners of such vehicles can get the range they need from charging at home. “Very little charging is needed in the public sector”, said Robert Bienenfeld of American Honda, senior manager of environment and energy strategy, who added that a large-scale investment in infrastructure could lead to “stranded assets”.  Range anxiety, anyone?

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