Buy a better banger

August 3, 2010 § Leave a comment

Sometimes the greenest option is running an older car: after all, much of the energy consumption of a vehicle during its lifespan is in its initial construction. What could be more wasteful than scrapping a perfectly decent vehicle with a few more years yet of useful working life? Of course, there’s a few basic caveats: keep emissions and fuel consumption as low as possible with regular servicing and maintenance, don’t be tempted by the many super-cheap gas-guzzlers out there, pick as modern a diesel as possible and preferably with particulate filter, use judiciously etc. etc., but otherwise, recycle, reuse. It makes sense.

Handily, James Ruppert – Independent On Sunday contributor, Autocar columnist and friend of Driving To The Future – has just revised and updated his Bangernomics Bible, a guide to motoring on the cheap. I’m a bit dubious about his longstanding sentimental attachment to ropey old Rovers, and not convinced by the claims for LPG, but the book’s otherwise packed with sound advice on buying the best banger you can find. Available in many a bookstore or via the usual online outlets, but James gets more cash if you buy direct at .


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