Monday morsels

July 26, 2010 § Leave a comment

  • The next-generation Ford Focus RS could be a hybrid, says Autocar. Ford insiders hint that the hot hatch could have a 250bhp EcoBoost turbocharged 2-litre driving the front wheels and an electric motor to power the rear wheels, for full AWD ability as well as fuel-saving.
  • Mazda is to launch its CX-5 mini-SUV late next year. The CX-5 will be the first Mazda to get the new ‘Sky’ petrol engines, which feature piezo-electric direct injection, regenerative braking, low-friction oils and components, stop-start plus lighter-weight transmissions, and it is said to weigh a good 100kg less than its rivals (Autocar).
  • The EU Transport Commission has proposed the addition of  ‘eco-driving’ criteria to practical driving tests. In the UK, new drivers are already asked to answer questions related to fuel-saving and vehicle emissions in their theory tests, but this measure could see drivers EU-wide tested on their practical techniques – and potentially denied their licence if they speed up too quickly, brake too suddenly, rev too high or otherwise waste fuel unnecessarily.
  • Dealerships in Illinois, Indiana and Texas are planning to import a Chinese-made electric SUV. The Zoyte SUV is said to have a range of 250 miles between recharges, a top speed of 70mph, a battery warranty up to 185,000 miles, and a sticker price of just $29,995 (Autoblog Green). Unlikely for Europe.
  • There’s a well-considered overview of the development of algae for biofuel at the New York Times. It need not compete with food production, and with appropriate checks, it’s not too risky, is the conclusion.

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