Thursday thoughts

July 22, 2010 § Leave a comment

  • Here’s another way to harness sun-power: carbon capture. Scientists at Washington State University have found a way to split carbon dioxide using solar cell electrolysis to create a hydrocarbon suitable for fuel use. It’s potentially more productive than photovoltaic energy capture, they say. Better explanation at Green Car Congress.
  • Ford’s 2011 Lincoln MKZ saloon will be offered in hybrid form – at no extra cost. The MKZ hybrid will start from $35,000-odd, and deliver 41mpg (US) in the city and 36mpg on the highway; the standard gas-guzzler does 18mpg and 27mpg respectively.
  • The US Senate has agreed a $3.6billion bill to support electric and plug-in hybrid vehicle use. The Energy Committee voted in favour of funding the development  of EV infrastructure. It also approved the extension of a $25billion fund to provide loans to companies developing greener vehicles.
  • The final round of the Progressive Automotive X-Prize gets underway shortly, and there’s just 15 concept vehicles left in the running to prove that they’re the best solution for delivering 100mpge or more. Three of them – two in the Mainstream Class, one in the Alternative – come from Edison2, maker of the Very Light Car.’s got an exclusive interview with Ron Mathis, Edison2’s chief of design, well worth checking out.

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