Thursday thoughts

July 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

  • The California Energy Commission has handed out a $3.4million grant for the installation of 1,600 electric vehicle charging points. The infrastructure, supplied by Coulomb Technologies, will be fitted in Los Angeles, Sacramento and on the road between San Francisco and San Jose.
  • An EC-funded hydrogen research project has been given the go-ahead in Norway: one hydrogen refuelling station in Oslo, 17 fuel cell cars and the aim of integrating with networks in Denmark, Germany and elsewhere (Green Car Congress).
  • Nissan is aiming to nearly double typical fuel savings with its new-generation hybrid tech; first up with the rear-wheel drive, lithium-ion battery, lightweight single-motor system will be the Infiniti M and Nissan Fuga hybrids, giving up to 90% better economy than their conventional equivalents. Also upcoming: stop-start for the March/Micra, reports Reuters.
  • Toyota’s talking some more about new variants on the Prius theme, probably to include a sporty coupe along the lines of the Honda CRZ. The FT-CH concept car is a clue, perhaps.
  • Tesla shares have fallen in value after the initial hype and excitement; some commentators are gleefully referring to ‘freefall’ (after a 16% drop in value yesterday). Or is this simply, as the Frantzen novel would have it, a ‘correction’? Let’s wait for a longer-term picture.
  • The Nemesis ‘wind car’, personal project of sustainable-source electricity provider Dale Vince (Ecotricity), is almost complete – perhaps. Latest installment of this long-running saga at Vince’s Zerocarbonista blog.
  • A deal’s been done to make the Korean CT&T e-Zone, a tiny neighbourhood EV, in South Carolina; production of 30,000 a year is planned (Autoblog Green).

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