BMW MCV – first picture

July 2, 2010 § Leave a comment

First images, such as they are, are out of the BMW MCV (Mega City Vehicle). This urban four-seater is going to have a 100kW-plus rear-mounted electric drivetrain, probably with tiny range-extender engine. Its body is made from carbonfibre-reinforced plastic, half the weight of aluminium. Production is scheduled for 2013, and BMW is to sell it under a new sub-brand name, probably much as Mercedes-Benz now markets Smart vehicles.

*UPDATE: More details from Autocar; two- and four-door versions are planned; an all-electric (range = 110 miles) and a petrol-electric hybrid with additional range-extender unit (all-electric range = 6 miles). Isetta brand-name could be revived – as ‘i-setta’, natch.

Incidentally, Smart has put out a release about a survey commissioned from independent researchers. I wouldn’t get too excited about the findings, ‘cos the survey sample was only of 500 people, but 69% of those questioned said they believed owning an EV would reduce their carbon footprint and 73% would like to know more about  electric vehicles. 75% worried about their range, however.


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