Week-end odds and ends

June 25, 2010 § Leave a comment

  • European carmakers have agreed a universal standard for EV recharging infrastructure – at last. Ivan Hodac, secretary-general of the ACEA trade association, said today: “We want to avoid a situation where customers have to carry a multitude of charging cables to use their vehicles in different cities, regions and countries, just as we see today with items like mobile phones.” The universal solution won’t be standard in all new vehicles till 2017, however.
  • On a similar note, trials will take place later this year on a super-rapid charging system which could juice-up an EV to 50% in as little as three minutes. Autoblog Green reports on the progress by JFE Engineering.
  • Market researchers reckon that 670,000 fuel cell vehicles a year will be sold by 2020. Colorado-based Pike Research predicts that most sales will be in the US, China and Germany, with fuel cell buses accounting for much of the market. Sales of fuel cell private cars will be inhibited, however, by the high cost of the technology (Autobeat Europe).
  • Researchers at Iowa State University are developing a process to organically manufacture isobutene, an additive put in gasoline to prevent ‘knocking’ and currently sourced from petroleum products. The process involves a newly-found enzyme which breaks down glucose from plant material.

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