More mid-week morsels

June 23, 2010 § Leave a comment

  • The US adminstration is backing a $10billion package proposed by Congress to promote electric vehicle use, including tax credits, funding research programmes, and subsidising the building of recharging infrastructure in 15 key cities or regions. A vote will be taken in a few months’ time.  Critics of the proposals include the American Automotive Association, which argues that there should be incentives for developing diesel, hydrogen and other alt-fuel vehicles as well (Autobeat).
  • Loads of launches of economy-oriented cars this week; haven’t driven these myself, but I’ll direct you to Auto Express, which has First Drives including the new Volkswagen Polo Bluemotion (over 80mpg), the Audi A1 (its 1.6 diesel engines’ll do up to 70mpg), the plug-in Prius, the Seat Leon Ecomotive (74mpg) plus the hybrid Honda CRZ coupe and Smart EV, all linked off the same page. More detail on some  of these at Autocar, which has a much better report on the Nissan Leaf, in particular.
  • Acid rain is on its way back, and this time a major factor is nitrogen emissions from motor vehicles, according to a report in the journal Scientific American. More on this from The Independent.
  • The LA Times’ Greenspace blog is on the case of the BP oil slick, the attempts to stem the leak and the increasing legal/political wranglings, by the way. Could this ecological disaster prove to be a major turning point in the US’s love of oil?

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