Geneva Motor Show: Seat IBE

March 2, 2010 § Leave a comment

A Spanish Scirocco, with added electricity? Not quite. Seat’s IBE concept coupe has a 102bhp electric drivetrain, with a motor tucked away in its tail end. It’s smaller than the Volkswagen two-door, though – and even shorter than an Ibiza supermini at 3.78m. Developed specifically with city driving in mind, it takes 9.4 seconds 0-60mph but is quick off the mark to 30mph and 40mph; it’s meant to be affordable and fun, rather than a high-performance machine, though it will get up to around 100mpg on the motorway.

The IBE weighs just 1000kg, and previews the styling of the next-generation Seat models. It’s short, low-slung (1.22m tall) but wide-bodied (1.8m), and has two small back seats; it indicates Seat’s strategy of appealing to younger buyers, and is suitably sported-up with its 19-inch alloys and striking LED headlamps and taillights. It also features advanced car-to-infrastructure and car-to-car communications systems to exchange information on traffic or upcoming hazards.


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