Week-end odds and ends

February 26, 2010 § Leave a comment

Mercedes-Benz is to launch its E300 BlueTec diesel-electric hybrid early next year, reports Autocar. Much of its hybrid powertrain – including motor and lithium-ion battery pack – will be shared with the S400 hybrid, but the twin-turbo engine’s a version of of the 2.2-litre diesel in the E250 CDI. It’s said to be capable of over 56mpg.

Two titbits from supplier firms. Continental AG has developed an ‘intelligent’ accelerator pedal which pulses to indicate when a driver should change up or down a gear. In tests, this reduced fuel consumption by an average 8%. Continental says that drivers are more likely to take notice of a pulsing pedal than a visual display on the dashboard, as in current gearchange-indicator systems, and that this could be linked to sensors to warn drivers of hazards ahead, as well (AutoBeat Europe).

Valeo is to significantly increase the number of components it makes for hybrid powertrains, reports AutoBeat Europe; at the moment, it only supplies a battery-cooler in this sector. The company will lay out its new strategy at an investors’ meeting next month.


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