Biofuel of the day: JMax 100

February 23, 2010 § Leave a comment

Biofuels are big business, and SG Biofuels of Encinitas, California (motto: Growing Energy Sustainably) has found a way to maximise profits from the jatropha plant. Its new genetically-modified cultivar, dubbed JMax 100, is said to produce 100% more oil than existing commercial varieties, with a production rate of over 350 gallons per acre (800 gallons per hectare). It’s potentially over 300% more profitable, and can be used for automotive diesel or jet fuel.

SG Biofuels also says that this GM jatropha is more resistant to disease, more adaptable to regional soil conditions, more resistant to pests and easier to harvest. Sounds like a super-plant. And you thought biofuels were natural substances?

(More on jatropha – pre-dating this announcement – at the Guardian; there’s the usual reservations about it being grown on a huge scale and displacing food crops. Make up your own mind).


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