Geneva preview: Rinspeed UC?

February 15, 2010 § Leave a comment

Swiss design and tuning studio Rinspeed always comes up with a wacky concept for the Geneva Motor Show, but this year’s offering is more feasible than most – a two-seater electric city car called UC? (Urban Commuter?), developed with series-production in mind.

Still, it wouldn’t be the work of Frank M. Rinderkneckt (a self-proclaimed visionary) without a unique proposal, and in this case, it’s the idea of integration with the rail network (remember, Swiss railways always run on time and, well, actually work). The UC?, less than 2.4m long, is designed to load and slot into a customised train carriage; Rinderkneckt envisages suitably-equipped trans-European and inter-city trains with special carriages for UC?s, with tickets booked via the car’s 3G net connection, and on-board charging facilities so you can emerge the other end ready to go (it has a range of just over 100km).

Rinspeed proposes  distinct models, from a stripped-down version for use for urban deliveries – pizza, mail –  to a high-tech ultimate city-exec commuter car, but all versions will be cheap and easy to build, with production taking just three days. This one, Frank, might be a goer, with or without co-operation from the rail network.


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