Friday digest

February 12, 2010 § Leave a comment

Lexus is to debut its ‘premium compact’ (expensive small hatchback) CT 200h at the Geneva Motor Show. A full hybrid, it’s designed to be an entry-point into Lexus ownership, posher than the Prius. 

– We’ve had the Silicon Fens, now we get the Hydrogen Highway. The M4 and surrounding area at the Wales end is to be designated a Low Carbon Economic Area, with incentives for businesses developing low-carbo technologies in the region. Refuelling/recharging points for hydrogen, fuel cell, electric, CNG and biofuelled vehicles will be set up at strategic intervals along the motorway to Swindon and up to London. Lots of government jaw-jaw later today; we’ll wait to see that hydrogen pump at Leigh Delamere services.

– Toyota’s Camry Hybrid (US-market) is going to be a NASCAR pace car. A suitably decorated example is on display at the Chicago Auto Show this week. And yes, there’s plenty of jokes going around about throttles sticking to the floor…

Nissan USA is taking reservations for the electric Leaf, with orders from August and deliveries from December 2010. It’ll arrive first in cities where charging station partnerships have been established, including Seattle, Nashville, Phoenix, Tucson and San Diego.  Nissan is also doing a deal with Hertz to supply the Leaf to rental fleets in the US and in Europe from 2011.

Bridgestone has developed some low rolling-resistance tyres which it claims can cut fuel consumption by 4%. The Ecopia tyres (Dueler H/L 422 for SUVS, pick-ups and crossovers, EP422 for passenger cars) feature recycled rubber as well. Can’t afford new tyres? Make sure the ones you have are inflated to the right pressure and you could make a 4% fuel saving straight away.


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