Morrisons to axe B30 biodiesel pumps

February 11, 2010 § Leave a comment

Supermarket chain Morrisons is to remove B30 biodiesel pumps from its fuel station forecourts from April 1st. B30 (30% rapeseed oil and recycled veg oil, 70% conventional derv) will no longer qualify for a 20p per litre tax cut, and the incentive  to use it will no longer be there.

Opinion’s divided on the benefits of B30 anyway – some debate on the Guardian website today. The hardline approach is that rapeseed oil (or any other fuel synthesised from a crop grown on land which could be used for food production) is fundamentally unethical, as it contributes to the rising global prices for grain and other food crops, though it’s arguably more sound (if grown on European set-aside fields) than palm oil, the thirst for which is leading to the axeing of tropical rainforests, land-grabs leaving indigenous peoples homeless and destitute, and environmentally-damaging monocrop cultures in sensitive areas.  George Monbiot explains all this very well, by the way. There is surely a role for sustainable-source fuels if ethically-produced, however – we can’t all run cars on recycled chip fat.


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