Microturbine cars from LA

February 10, 2010 § Leave a comment

A Los Angeles-based company called Velozzi has been touting around computer renderings of a proposed electric supercar for a while now, but it’s now announced its plans to build a second crossover vehicle (pictured), and a deal with a microturbine supplier. The Capstone microturbines can run on pretty well any fuel – petrol, diesel, hydrogen, methanol, propane, CNG, aviation fuel, bioethanol – though the first to be fitted will use diesel, acting as a generator to charge the cars’ batteries.

As a concept,  it sounds like an efficient way to deliver a load of power: the supercar’s to get a 65kW microturbine, which will drive a 770bhp AC-induction motor, giving over 200mph and 0-60 in about three seconds. Phew-ee. Energy is stored in batteries and super-capacitors, and a range of 200 miles in electric-only mode is claimed before the turbine kicks in to recharge – giving a total range of up to 1000 miles, says Velozzi.

Production in late 2010, allegedly, with the Solo crossover (30kW) to follow next year. We’re also interested in the concept of  ‘carbonfibre nanotubes’, said to be used in the construction to reduce weight of components by 40%. Need to see these cars for real on the road before getting too excited, however.


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